05/05/2023 - 05/06/2023    
All Day


Woodruff Place Town Hall
735 Woodruff Place East Drive, Indianapolis, Indiana, 46201

Event Type

Russell Pickett (814 Middle) and a friend in California have been writing songs together that were accepted for a festival in Liverpool, England late May. We’ve put a band together for the Liverpool event and want to play in front of people before the festival.

May 5 would be a practice day (we’d bring all equipment and set it up)

May 6 afternoon – early evening would be Woodruffpalooza, a porch party on steriods. This would be a fundraiser by donation for the Civic League or Foundation (one or the other – open to thoughts). Our band would play as well as 2-3 other neighborhood bands. We’d provide drinks and do all set up. It would be open to the entire neighborhood and be family friendly.