Town Hall Rental Agreement

If you have questions about renting Town Hall, please email [email protected] 

How do I reserve Town Hall?
Step 1
– Confirm your date(s) is (are) available by reviewing the neighborhood calendar
Step 2– Read the requirements and limitations listed below
Step 3 – Complete the Event Request Form
Step 4 – Review and complete the requirements of the Rental Contract


Group Size Rental Fee Cleaning Fee Alcohol Fee(non-refundable) Security Deposit


$150 $0 $100  $100


$300 $75 $100 


101-150 $500 $100 $100 


Please submit two checks with your signed agreement. One check will be the rental fee, including any cleaning and alcohol fees, if applicable. The other check will be the deposit. Security Deposits may not be made electronically. All checks should be made payable to the Woodruff Place Civic League, Inc.

The rental use of Town Hall is limited to the following:

  1. Woodruff Place Residents who are up-to-date on their Civic League membership dues AND who will be present during the entire event for which they are renting the building.
  2. Outside groups who have a relationship with Woodruff Place (e.g. NESCO, Indiana Landmarks, HUNI). Such rentals will have to be approved by the Town Hall Committee or the Civic League Board on a case-by-case basis.
  3. Groups with a connection to the neighborhood (e.g. neighborhood band, scout group) whose activities the Civic League Board believes are beneficial to the neighborhood may be allowed to use Town Hall on an ongoing basis at either no charge or a reduced charge. At least one neighborhood resident must regularly participate in this group’s activities at Town Hall.
  4. Cleaning fees are assessed on all events of 30 or more attendees. This is in addition to all cleaning responsibilities of the Renter, as outlined on the final page of this agreement. 
  5. Security Deposit checks are held until after satisfactory inspection of Town Hall at the conclusion of the Rental Event. This may take up to two weeks.

Please complete both the Event Request Form and the Rental Contract to schedule your event:
1. Event Request Form – online calendar submission
2. Woodruff Place Town Hall Rental Contract

NOTE: Town Hall Rentals are managed by a small team of volunteers. We are not a professional event rental space with dedicated staff. Please allow time for appropriate communications in advance of your event. Rental events may not be booked greater than one year in advance.