Ducks and Blooms

Ducks and Blooms – Emily Tornquist

We have finally arrived. Buds have turned to full blown greenery and the flowers and lawns are in their prime throughout the neighborhood. We have also gained some new neighbors who appear to be ducks.

During a late April Sunday stroll with a friend and a solo cup of pink bubbly, I had the good fortune of stumbling upon a painter in the throws of capturing some magnolia magic at the end of April. I struck up a conversation with local artist Alicia Zanoni and learned that her love of Woodruff Place has inspired her to produce an art show featuring her paintings of our neighborhood in bloom.

I had been passively wondering what I would include in the next Urban Times issue given that June is seasonally quiet on the news front following the Flea Market. Just as any opportunist would do, I asked Alicia if I could include her work in our spread for the June issue of Urban times.

Not only did Alicia enthusiastically agree to contribute some of her work, she offered to do a portrait of the dueling ducks that have taken up residence on the East Drive fountain. While it is unclear who has won the title of Alpha Duck, neighbors have taken to observing their behavior and have accepted that the ducks have moved in.


Image: “Duck’s in the fountain” Illustration by Alicia Zanoni