2020 Flea Market Update

The Flea Market committee met Wednesday, July 29, as a follow-up to its July 15 meeting covering COVID-19 concerns. Committee members came to the following conclusion “With coronavirus cases spiking in recent weeks in Indianapolis and the surrounding area; hesitancy from a number of our neighbors in holding the event; and the resources needed to hold the event safely; it is with great regret that we have decided to cancel the Flea Market this year.” The committee recognizes the economic ramifications of such a decision, as well as negative reactions some may express, but they believe a cancellation is in the best interest of the neighborhood and larger community.

The committee sincerely believes this is the best decision for the neighborhood and that we will be able to come together to host a bigger, better, Welcome Back Flea Market next year. Thanks to all the neighbors for their understanding.

Woodruff 4th of July Photos

Woodruff 4th of July Photos

Wheelbarrow photo subjects: Ben Pidgeon (pushing) Ijah Robertson (riding). Caption: East Drive’s Ben Pidgeon makes a move for the inside corner during the annual Fourth of July wheelbarrow race in Woodruff Place.

Flag photo subjects: (Left to right, front): Kate Certo, Isabella Fuss, Lucy Certo
(Left to right, back): Peter Certo, Royal Lloyd-Hostetter, Odin Belsaas, Julian Hostetter
Not pictured: Liell Lloyd-Hostetter (signal caller)
Caption: Neighborhood kids participate in the annual raising of the American Flag at the Fourth of July ceremony at Town Hall.

Local Artist Loves Woodruff Place

Early on in my career as an artist, I realized with a mix of delight and sadness that I had been walking past so much beauty every day without noticing it. As I began to look closely at familiar places, I saw surprising color, nuance, texture, and light in the most mundane scenes – shadows on the snow in an alley near my house, speckles of light splashed on the roof of my house from the tree leaves above… even traffic lights glowing on wet, grey February afternoons. As I began to paint nearby scenes, I shared them with the local community through various shows in coffee shops.

Over and over local neighbors marveled with me at places so familiar to them, and some of my favorite conversations were when someone said, “I know that intersection!” or “I drive past that building every day on my way to work!” Inspired by conversations like these, my growing goal is to connect with my local community over the shared beauty of our neighborhoods. One of my favorite neighborhoods to paint has been Woodruff! Recently I started a collection of work painted on-site in Woodruff, and the collection can
be viewed here: www.aliciazanoni.com.

In addition to painting local landscapes, other frequent paintings I create are house commissions, like this one: (house commission photo) Even more than most historic neighborhoods in Indianapolis, Woodruff has houses bursting with life and nuance, and I love to reflect as much of those elements in a painting as possible. If you’re interested in commissioning a painting of your own house, you can write to me at aliciazanoniart@gmail.com.

National Night Out

Millions of neighbors take part in National Night Out across
thousands of communities from all fifty states, U.S. territories and military bases worldwide. Join your neighbors to promote police-community partnerships and neighborhood camaraderie to make our neighborhoods safer. An ice cream bar or popsicle is in your

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Historic Woodruff Place Porch Party

Sally Cook hosted a porch party on June 5th for the Historic Woodruff Place Foundation so that they could gather and plan a new event. The group agreed upon Saturday, September 15th for an “Antiques Roadshow” type event to be held at the home of Jim and Deb Leich, featuring well-known appraiser J. Scott Keller. Watch for more information in the Woodruff Place e-newsletter. Porch-party attendees were Greg Staab and Missy Ellis, Jim Leich, Scott and Caran Keller, and Sally Cook.