Committees of the Boards:

1. Town Hall Monitors (Town Hall Committee):

Chair: Matt Belsaas, Middle Drive
Monica Thompson-Deal, East Drive
Missy Ellis, East Drive
Tom Gross, Middle Drive

Rentals: Diana Babb and Dorothy Henckel

Contact: [email protected]

2. Historic Preservation Committee:

Chair: Desma Belsaas, Middle Drive
Jeff Watt, East Drive
Monica Thompson-Deal, East Drive
Bill Longest, West Drive
Kevin Garing, West Drive
Rich Costello, West Drive
Erik Muehlhausen, West Drive
Jim Leich, West Drive
Neil Hoertsman, East Drive

Contact: [email protected]
Woodruff Place Historic Area Preservation Plan

3. Light Brigade (Streetlights):

Chair: Tom Abeel, Middle Drive

Woodruff Place has 74 historic 5-globe light fixtures which were first installed more than 100 years ago. The Town of Woodruff Place owned the fixtures until annexation in 1962 when the City took ownership. In 2012, these historic fixtures were retrofitted with LED lighting technology thanks to a federal grant managed by the City. In exchange for the retrofit, Woodruff Place agreed to maintain them, and a group of volunteers – the Light Brigade – has overhauled 25 fixtures to date. Nine more are scheduled for an overhaul in 2017.

4. 10th and Michigan Fence Committee:


5. Fountainheads (Fountains):

Chair: Paul Russel, West Drive
Contact: [email protected]

6. Block Captains:

Chair: Tessie Lloyd-Jones, West Drive

Street North East North West South East South West
East Drive        
Middle Drive        
West Drive   Tessie Lloyd-Jones Doreen Tatnall Katie Neill

7. Town Hall Back Yard Committee:


8. Hospitality Committee:


9. KIB Block Captains:

Chair: Tessie Lloyd-Jones, West Drive

Street North South
East Drive    
Middle Drive    
West Drive Tessie Lloyd-Jones Doreen Tatnall

10. Crimewatch Committee:


Contact: [email protected]

11. Statues and Urns Committee:

Chair: Karen Markman

Event Committees:

Casino Night
Chair: James Ryan

Progressive Dinner
Chair: Kurtis and Jennifer Bowersock

Home and Garden Tour
Chair: Missy Ellis
Contact: [email protected]

Flea Market
Chair: David Barnhouse
Contact: [email protected]

Fountain Ball
Chair: Darrin Gearheart

Fountain Frenzy

Chair: Darrin Gearheart