2017-03 Woodruff President’s Message

The Importance of All Contributions

 Woodruff Place is unique among Indianapolis historic neighborhoods in terms of our amazing historic infrastructure that beautifies our urban village.  But with these treasures comes a tremendous responsibility to maintain and enhance these resources.

The implementation of our Economic Improvement District and the funding that has resulted has certainly helped and will be a godsend for the future of the neighborhood.  However, the expense of maintaining and improving this historic infrastructure as well as the ongoing operational expenses of the neighborhood are substantial.

This is why the Woodruff Foundation will be making two major fundraising pushes this year.  Funds raised will be critical in meeting our plans for the coming year related to our infrastructure and we will seek to recognize our neighbors who will contribute to this important effort.

But a financial donation is only one way neighbors contribute.  Woodruff Place is renowned for our volunteerism.  The untold person hours that neighbors contribute is amazing.  Tremendous efforts go into our large neighborhood events and fundraisers like the Flea Market, Home Tour, or Woodruff Casino.  The Fountain Heads’ work on the fountains, the Light Brigade’s historic lights upkeep and improvement, and the Hall Monitors’ Town Hall efforts are just part of the work that happens, often unheralded, by our neighbors.

But these are only part of the volunteer contributions of neighbors.  Other critical contributions of time and effort which include participation on the various governance bodies, the twice a year clean-up days, maintaining and updating the website, production of the newsletter, maintaining the gardens at the end of the drives, picking up litter, painting and cleaning Town Hall, painting and expanding our amazing collection of urns and statues and innumerable other ways large and small.

Look out for announcements for our 2017 fundraising drives and for many other ways you can contribute through the critical hands-on work of the neighborhood.  The Civic League Board and the Foundation will be looking for new and enhanced ways to recognize all of these efforts.

Jim Leich, President

Woodruff Place Civic League Board

2017-03 Woodruff President Message (PDF)