Meet Your Block Captains

Meet Your Block Captains

Have you ever wondered how the Urban Times and Woodruff neighborhood flyers magically appear on your doorstep? These information sources are delivered to you via a group of wonderful Woodruff volunteers who take the time to make this happen. This is an easy task during favorable weather, but these ladies deliver the news in all kinds of conditions throughout the year.  The next time you see them, be sure to thank them.

Street NW NE SW SE
East Drive Jan Bass Sher Burgin Julie Green (and family) Missy Ellis
Middle Drive Vickie Gross Jeanne Rogow Vanessa Lowry Margaret Arena
West Drive Tessie Lloyd-Jones Kristen Abbott (and family) Katie Neill Doreen Tatnall

Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Adopt- A- Block Captains

Woodruff Place also has Keep Indianapolis Beautiful volunteer block captains who help keep the Woodruff Drives and sidewalks free of litter. Because of these volunteers, Woodruff has received free trees (most recently for Town Hall Backyard project), perennials, and annuals that are planted in Woodruff public areas.

Street North South
East Drive Julie and Kurt Tornquist Missy Ellis
Middle Drive  (Available) Meredith Brickell
West Drive Tessie Lloyd-Jones Doreen Tatnall


If you have any questions or would like to volunteer fill the vacant KIB spot contact Tessie Lloyd Jones at