June in Woodruff

No, not the poem! But that’s good too!


It’s finally warm outside and the trees are beginning to fill in. From my seat on the porch, I can see the trees awash in an array of colors and new buds. In a few weeks time, those trees will all be fully bloomed and I won’t be able to see much beyond the neighbors house. By the time you read this, the annual Flea Market will have wrapped up and the thousands of attendees will have gone home. It will finally be time to sit down in this very same spot again to relax.

Our family loves this tranquil neighborhood full of lush trees and the sound of water running in the fountains. When sitting here the sound of the city disappears – the ambient temperature is a good 20 degrees cooler. Squirrels, birds, bats and some neighborhood cats go about their business as if they’ve been here longer than the people. It’s no wonder that this time of year, in this place, inspiration has been found by many artists paying tribute to beauty of the neighborhood. Enjoy June, neighbors!