Flea Market Volunteers

The Woodruff Place Flea Market committee members have been hard at work preparing for this year’s major fundraiser. Committee Chair Matt Settimi stated “ this is one of the most fun fundraiser and event in our community each year. I can’t think of a better way to interact with the community at large while raising funds for our neighborhood initiatives.”

On Saturday, March 24th this merry band of volunteers got together to touch base on important committee business while also producing some photos that illustrate the hard work they will continue to put in. There are also many ways additional volunteers can help. These photos should give an idea of some of the tasks and festiveness involved in the Flea Market preparation and execution.


Remember, this is our major Fundraiser! If you can’t participate this year but would like to volunteer your yard to an outsider please contact Maggie Spencer at masdietitian@gmail.com

Flea Market Committee
Chair Matt Settimi
Publicity Rory/Diana Babb
Restroom Kevin Garing
Cross Drive Prep Tom Abeel
Collection Tessie Lloyd-Jones
Food Vendors Matt Settimi
Trash Troopers Greg Staab/Missy Ellis
Outside Vendors Maggie Spencer, Darala Barnett, Jessica Stenz masdietitian@gmail.com this is the contact if someone wants to donate
their yard Maggie Spencer
Occupy 10th Street Greg Staab/ Missy Ellis
Security Katie Neill
Treasurer James Ryan