Annual First Day of School Gathering

Annual First Day of School Gathering

The demographics of Woodruff Place have changed dramatically in the last ten years as many families with young children have made Woodruff their home.  This exciting development has led to a new annual event – the first day of school gathering of the elementary school students.

These gatherings have been growing and for 2017, the gathering included 40 students posing in front of the Middle Drive/Cross Drive fountain for photos. Like the paparazzi at a Hollywood opening, scores of parents snapped photos and shared hopes for the coming school year.  This group doesn’t include the 10 or so high school neighbors or the many preschooler, toddlers and infant Woodruffians.

Easter Egg Hunt 2017

On Saturday April 15, Woodruff families gathered for an Easter Egg hunt behind Town Hall. Children enjoyed candy and hunting for treats among trees, rocks and other features.

Photo L-R, Elliot Stein, Sadie Stein, Carrie Smith, Owen Smith, Odin Belsaas, and Carson Niedemeier