Board of Directors

Historic Woodruff Place Foundation, Inc.

President: Greg Staab, East Drive (22)
Vice President: Bill Longest, West Drive (21)
Secretary: Craig Bowen, Middle Drive (21)
Treasurer: Roger Jenks, East Drive (22)
Maggie Miley, Middle Drive (23)
Sally Cook, East Drive (23)
Elaine Delbecq, West Drive (Civic League Board liaison, 21)

HWPF by-laws

Purpose: To promote the preservation of the unique heritage of the area listed in the National Register of Historic Places; to preserve and restore its artifacts; to preserve the historic or architectural character of the community and to combat community deterioration and to promote the protection and enhancement of this historical area to solicit and collect funds, together with income earned, to be used exclusively to accomplish the foregoing purposes, and no director of this corporation may receive any pecuniary benefit from this corporation except such reasonable compensation as may be allowed for services actually rendered. This corporation is organized exclusively for the foregoing charitable and educational purposes under section 501c3 of the Internal Revenue Code. This Corporation shall not engage in any activities which are not permitted by a corporation that is exempt from federal income tax under section 501c3 of the Internal Revenue Code as amended.

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Woodruff Place Civic League, Inc.

Civic League Board 2021
President: Elaine Delbecq, West Drive (21)
Vice President: Aimee Zoeller, West Drive (23)
Secretary: Jamie MacDougall, West Drive (22)
Treasurer: Roger Jenks, East Drive (22)

Liam Bonner, West Drive (23)
Terri Carney, West Drive (22)
Ed Harcourt, Middle Drive (23)
Karen Markman, Middle Drive (21)
Nancy Michaels, West Drive (21)

WPCL By-Laws

Purpose: To foster and promote goodwill and friendship among the residents of the town of Woodruff Place, hereinafter referred to as town; To foster and promote the protection, improvement, general welfare of the town; To promote the general exchange of ideas and thoughts, in order to achieve the foregoing; To promote favorable legislation; To participate in patriotic and civic endeavors; To do all those things generally done by a civic association to foster and promote the general welfare of the town and the inhabitants thereof.

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Woodruff Place Economic Improvement District (EID)

Missy Ellis – President
Jim Leich – Vice President
Hannah Saunders – Treasurer
Will Pritchard
Kristen Abbot
Charlie Neill
Lyle Bass

WPEID Business Plan

Purpose: Woodruff Place residents have successfully raised thousands of dollars annually through neighborhood contributions, fundraisers, special events, and grant-writing. While impressive for an all-volunteer organization, these funds are only a fraction of what is necessary to maintain, let alone improve, the historic infrastructure on a sustainable basis. Further, past efforts relied on the continued dedication of a relatively small group of Woodruff volunteers, whose time and energy cannot be presumed to be permanent.
WPEID is a sustainable complement, not a substitute, for these efforts. Woodruff Place’s historic infrastructure – a benefit to all residents – requires the entire neighborhood to contribute financially to support its long-term preservation.

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