2017 Home, Garden and Coop tour welcomes hundreds

2017 Home, Garden and Coop tour welcomes hundreds

The 2017 home, garden and coop home tour was an outstanding success, in large part due to the generosity of the ten homeowners who welcomed approximately 600 attendees into their homes. Guests also enjoyed the vintage fashion shows organized by Tessie Lloyd-Jones and modeled by numerous Woodruff residents.

Homeowners shared stories about the history of their homes, renovation tips, and gardening and chicken coop ideas. Visitors were notably generous with their compliments and made homeowners grateful for the chance to share their homes.

Special thanks go out to the more than 80 volunteers it takes to orchestrate this fundraiser and particularly to organizer Debbie Pidgeon and her husband Ben Pidgeon, who had extra bonding time with their three children while Debbie worked on tour details. Debbie very much appreciated the time and contributions made for each and every detail.

The funds raised from the Tour support the continued maintenance of the unique features of Woodruff Place including the Town Hall, fountains, urns and statues, Town Hall backyard, street lights, and Tenth Street fence.

Home, garden and coop owners include the following:

First row: Cynthia Brissman, Cecil Pendleton, Clyde Brickell Duffey, Missy Ellis and Greg Staab.

Row 2: Ron Lyons, Rachel Pendleton, Joe Mahern, Meredith Brickell and organizer Debbie Pidgeon.

Row 3: Jon Nolen, Kindra Hunckler, Caroline Mahern, Kathy Nelson and Beth Brunsting.

Row 4: Andy McConnell, Beau Ansty, Ray Duffey, Dave Brunsting, Craig Bowen and Jake Miller.