2017 Flea Market Recap

2017 Flea Market recap

The 2017 Woodruff Place Market Flea Market held on June 3rd and 4th was the beneficiary of great weather this year as the threat of rain subsided the day before and the sun graced the faces of vendors and shoppers alike. Food and beverage vendors including LICK, Gordon’s Ice Cream, Nicey Treat, Flat 12, Ash & Elm, Citizen Hash, Der Pretzel Wagen and well as others were on site at Middle Drive to satisfy the food cravings of attendees. Despite the many food vendors and thousands of visitors, the streets, sidewalks and esplanades remained clean due the service of dedicated resident volunteers who diligently emptied trash and recycling bins along each street and removed clutter from their path. Mayor Joe Hogsett visited the event on Saturday and made his way up and down the drives greeting residents and attendees. Proceeds from outside vendors and the suggested 10% donation of individual sales by resident vendors yielded the neighborhood a preliminary net income of $9,800 that will support continued maintenance and preservation of the neighborhood. Flea Market income is a crucial part of the neighborhood’s annual fundraising efforts and would not be possible without the many individuals involved in planning, soliciting vendors, coordinating food trucks, resident vendors and volunteers welcoming people into the neighborhood for this classic Indianapolis summer event.